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Stories and feedback

I am incredibly proud of my clients who are motivated to change their lives for the better. They inspire me to do more, learn more and keep giving them the best shot at the life they desire.

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Pelvic health

Jagisha is amazing!  I saw her with a chronic problem that had caused me pain for years, and that had been unsuccessfully treated by others.  She has excellent technical skills and a complex understanding of the human body.  She listened carefully, performed an examination and quickly diagnosed the source of the problem - which was far from the location of the pain.  She provided clear and simple explanations of what she was doing and why.  Her treatment plan was very effective, and I couldn’t be more impressed

- Sharon Chomyn, Ottawa

I came to Jagisha for pelvic discomfort after birth. Her skill level impressed me from the first internal evaluation, where she accurately suspected a past injury to my right foot, over 10 years ago! I had seen a sports doctor specialist and many physiotherapists for this, with no results. She has addressed my body from head to toe, and targeted every problem area, along with my pelvic floor issues. My 90 min drive is more than worth it, as I continue to be amazed by her every time!

I had seen several different physios with mediocre improvements, and consulted a sports doctor specialist for the pain in my big toe who looked at my foot, sent me for an xray and said I had arthritis. I was fuming internally! As an RMT is see so many clients who come with « my doctor says it’s arthritis and basically nothing to do about it. I knew this was no the case for me but couldn’t find anyone who could help in any way. Osteopathy was the first time I had seen significant improvements and I feel with you I actually have hope to fully resolve these issues, completely! 

- Marilyn, Casselman

Coming to pelvic floor therapy was  extremely helpful to me. Suffering from hip pain, pelvic floor pain and bladder issues, the treatments combined with exercises have helped me to get back to a normal life . Jagisha is taking the time to listen, reassure, explain, inform and makes me feel comfortable.  The home exercises, with the help of videos, are very effective and  after a couple of weeks I was able to feel a noticeable improvement of my condition. Jagisha is a knowledgeable physiotherapist who truly cares of the wellbeing of her patients.  I strongly recommend pelvic floor therapy to every women.

- Lucie, Ottawa

After giving birth to my first child, I felt a lot of discomfort and pressure in my pelvic floor for months. I was told to do Kegels exercises, but it didn’t work, it got worst. After talking with a friend who also gave birth, she strongly suggested that I go see Jagisha. So I did and it was the best decision! I learned that my posture and breathing were the culprits of my pain and Kegels was causing even more problems. Jagisha immediately knew what to do. We worked on simple yet effective exercises for a few months and it finally went away completely! I am so grateful for all of her work. She explained everything clearly, she listened closely and she was always calm and happy to help. I felt reassured and in good hands. I would recommend Jagisha to any women who gave birth or have any pelvic floor issues.

- Veronique

In the summer of 2020 I saw some promotional material for Jagisha’s program and I was really drawn to the comprehensive way that she described how different systems in the body interacted with each other and how they were all important for optimal pelvic floor functioning.  

After our initial consultation I knew I wanted to work with Jagisha.   She has been consistently sincere, generous, and encouraging, and gave me hope for the first time in a long time that I could improve my situation.  Jagisha’s approach and strategies are radically different than any other pelvic floor physio I have worked with.  Along with making great physical progress in resolving my pelvic floor issues, I’ve also become much more comfortable and less anxious about them because of her supportive nature.

Jagisha shows amazing insight, commitment, and intuition.  She is able to quickly and accurately identify subtle physical adjustments that help ensure the most positive results.  I am often left feeling super inspired and excited by her deep and complex understanding of the body and how different physical systems interact.  I unreservedly recommend Jagisha to anyone struggling with any challenges related to pelvic floor dysfunction.

- Lynn C., Thunder Bay

Holistic rehab

​I went to see Jagisha about a 1.5 years ago on the recommendation of a friend.  I had gone to several other physiotherapists and chiropractors over the years.  The type of work that I do often causes compression of my sciatic nerve and neck and shoulder pain.  I can’t stop my work but I was not able to find a solution for the pain that results from it.  Jagisha has such astute observation skills about how I carry my body.  She noticed immediately what was the issue and her unique approach to treatment really helps.  The sciatic pain is thankfully finally under control as is the neck and shoulder pain.  The exercises she gives are not onerous  and can be easily accomplished daily.  Her very calm nature and wonderful warm personality really makes the treatments something for me to look forward to.  I always know I am going to exit feeling so much better. 

- Margaret Vant Erve, Ottawa

I have been a sufferer of severe migraines my whole life. In the past, I had tried everything from massage therapy to acupuncture but it wasn’t until I started seeing Jagisha over a year ago, that I finally started to have relief. Jagisha is extremely knowledgeable in her field of manual physiotherapy and has gone above and beyond to tailor her treatments to my exact needs. Every time I see her, I give her an update on my migraine situation and she always knows the right questions to ask to figure out why something may have happened and knows exactly how to treat it.


She also provides me specific stretches to try to decrease the amount of times I need to see her, and she always offers to do outside research on my specific issues when needed. I used to be someone who lived in constant fear of having a migraine every morning, but this has been completely eliminated. Jagisha is someone who genuinely cares about her clients and I could not recommend her enough!

- Sarah Zak, Ottawa

Two years ago I was diagnosed with “severe spinal stenosis” and it appeared I was destined for unwanted, but necessary back surgery. I was in pain most of the time and it was challenging for me to walk until some very good friends recommended I see Jagisha. She had done wonders for them and I trusted their testimonials. That was in Feb 2018. I am overjoyed that I listened to them.

Today, I am 95% pain free, walking, swimming and even playing badminton. Through routine treatments and  diligently following her assigned exercises, I have also successfully avoided the requirement for back surgery!  


Jagisha’s unique application of several diverse physiotherapeutic modalities is unlike any other physio or massage therapies I have tried over the last 25 years.  Jagisha’s approach begins with a detailed assessment for pinpointing the “origin” of the problems. Who knew that misalignment in your foot could cause tightness in your back? What initially appeared as totally unrelated in the foot, when properly treated, could create the correct body alignment and ultimately remove the back problem. Amazing! That is the power of a proper diagnosis using Connect Therapy. 


Jagisha delivers comprehensive and targeted treatment with awesome results. 


This can include connect therapy, dry needling, targeted manipulation and massage to name a few. The treatments are combined with customized exercises focused on correcting the underlying origins of the problem. The end result is restoration of proper alignment, natural and pain free movement, which is ultimately rejuvenating for this “well experienced” aging body! 


I am very grateful to Jagisha for her dedication, skills and talents. She has provided me new freedoms, a pain free life and ultimately avoidance of unwanted and now unnecessary back surgery.  My very dear friends were right and I too, now recommend Jagisha to all of you. 

- Ray, Ottawa

I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Ms. Jagisha Sekhri, a professional woman and talented physiotherapist; who is providing treatments currently in Ottawa, Ontario. She has demonstrated to me time and time again, over the last three years, her expert field knowledge and skill, her proven treatments, and her honest, integral, friendly, and welcoming personality.


I met Jagisha, now over three years ago, shortly after my discharge from the Civic Hospital, where I was being treated for a severe back injury. My injury incurred a herniated disk, another protruded disk, stenosis, and severe sciatic pain, numbness, and stiffness stemming from my lower back right down my right leg to my right foot.


Within weeks, Jagisha, her manual treatments and the exercise program she developed were able to dramatically reduce the level of pain I was experiencing. It is primarily thanks to her, that I was able to stop taking opioid pain medication more quickly than anticipated. Thank you. She instructed me in valuable exercise methods for core strengthening and movement. Her consistent and focused care enabled me to return to work and to living life without pain within months. When my injury decreased how long I could sit or stand; to only 30 minute intervals, the tips and tricks she provided me, to best cope during extended sitting or standing periods were most beneficial.

​As a back injury can cause stresses elsewhere in the body, as one shifts one’s body weight during movement to decrease pain, other secondary injuries and pain may occur. 

Hence, more recently, Jagisha has been treating some left foot metatarsal and some central rib & breastbone pain that I was experiencing. As for my lower back described above, she implemented a treatment and exercise routine for these two new areas and once again, I am having much, much less pain. Over the last three years, I have developed a trusting and mutually respectful relationship with Jagisha.

 I would never hesitate to reserve time with Jagisha, as I know firsthand, the proven results of her magic treatment. She always welcomes everyone with a smile, and everyone leaves a treatment session feeling so much better.  Thank you Jagisha. 

- Richard Gauthier, Ottawa

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