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Pelvic floor rehab

1 in 4 women have a pelvic floor disorder. It can be urgency, incontinence, prolapse, pain during intimacy or a painful hip. At Integrity, we have specially tailored programs to address these conditions.


Pregnant women and new mothers experience various complications like Diastasis, leaks, and Pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, the way our health system works, women miss out on key information and help in avoiding these conditions or to keep it from getting worse. The most effective way to address these bladder control and pelvic floor issues is to be able to understand the root cause of this dysfunction early on…. while you are pregnant or soon after giving birth.

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Many women experience bladder leaks when they sneeze, laugh or bend over, even after years of giving birth. Some women experience ongoing issues like pelvic organ prolapse, pain with intimacy or urgency. The best way to approach this is to not rely on “get by” solutions like medications or incontinence pads and instead work on getting the pelvic floor you love, and can rely on.


If you are experiencing chronic back pain, hip pain, SI joint pain and pubic pain, the best way to address it to assess your pelvic floor. Pelvic floor is your foundation, so if its dysfunctional, the back muscles or the hip muscles or the inner thighs would compensate and be overworked. Its a common mistake to NOT include Pelvic floor rehab in treating low back, hip, SI joint pain or pubic pain.

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Constipation is a common symptom of Pelvic floor tightness. Bowel health can be influenced be back of the pelvic floor. Tight pelvic floor is not a strong Pelvic floor. This program is designed to create strategies to relax the pelvic floor and improve bowel health.

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