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physio-rehab classes

Classes maybe covered by private health insurance under physiotherapy if you are currently under care of a Pelvic floor Physiotherapist. If you are not currently under care, a physiotherapy assessment is required prior to enrollment in any class. 

Book your initial assessment online or call us 

and reserve your spot in the class.

Classes can be done virtually or in-person.

Yoga Mats
Yoga Mats


  • To get women back to their fitness without making their pelvic health worse.

  • To bridge the gap between pelvic health rehab and fitness

  • To learn how to safely transition to daily life and       exercises without any aches and pains.                

  • To have consistency and accountability to the exercise  routine 

  • To understand how our body functions and apply those principles to every movement 

  • Understand how to make every movement and exercise, a pelvic floor exercise.

Workout Group

class cancellation policy

Our classes are purchased in series and hence individual refunds for missed classes will not be provided. You can have access to the class replay and home exercises for that week.

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