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EMBRACING feminine ENERGY and pelvic health



Be part of a circle of Women, as you share the journey of Motherhood while regaining Freedom in your Body, Balance in your life,Energy, Vitality and Joy.


Are You Seeking a Deeper, Holistic Solution to Pelvic Health?

  • Do you struggle with chronic or repetitive pelvic health issues?

  • Are you plagued by persistent injuries or pain?

  • Is your quality of life hindered by physical limitations?

Discover a groundbreaking pathway to healing with our Online program: Embracing Feminine Energy and Pelvic Health.




The Life-Altering Outcomes You Will Experience


🌟 Regain Control Over Your Body

Move, stretch, and engage in physical activities without the nagging fear of pain or discomfort. Reclaim your body's innate capacity for ease and freedom.

🌟 Achieve Emotional and Physical Harmony

Experience a holistic sense of well-being that transcends mere absence of pain. Through Divine Mother Energy, nurture your emotional self while your body heals, achieving a state of complete harmony.

🌟 Realize Your Desired Lifestyle

Break free from the limitations that have been holding you back. Whether it's hiking, swimming, or simply playing with your children, embrace the lifestyle you've always wanted but felt was out of reach.

🌟 Holistic Healing for Repetitive Injuries

Go beyond symptomatic relief to address the root causes of repetitive injuries. Adopt new movement patterns and habits that prevent recurrence and foster long-term health.

Why Choose Our Program?

🌸 Expert Collaboration

Designed by a pelvic floor physiotherapist in collaboration with a Yoga therapist(specializing in energy healing and emotional release) , this program combines evidence-based medicine with ancient holistic practices for a comprehensive healing experience.

🌸 Tailored to You

Each module is adaptable to your unique condition, needs, and aspirations. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a personalized healing journey.

🌸 Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

Our program taps into the Divine Mother Energy for a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to healing. It's not just about treating symptoms; it's about transforming your entire being.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to prioritize your pelvic health and well-being.

Connect with us to book a 15 mins discovery call :



In-Depth Program Modules

  1. Anatomy & Physiology of Pelvic Health: Understand the complex pelvic structure and how it impacts your entire body.

  2. Mindfulness Through Divine Mother Energy: Tap into spiritual practices that complement your physical healing journey.

  3. Yoga for Pelvic Healing: Utilize therapeutic yoga postures specifically aimed at improving pelvic health.

  4. Addressing Chronic & Repetitive Injuries: Learn to identify patterns that lead to injury and how to break the cycle for lasting relief.

  5. Lifestyle Adaptation: Gain actionable insights into creating a lifestyle that supports and sustains your newly reclaimed pelvic health.





Real Testimonials from Real People



I'm more conscious about the importance of my pelvic floor health. I'm actively working towards recovery. I finally understand some of my patterns and where they come from. I can catch myself and redirect my attention. I have tools to regulate my nervous system. I have a better understanding of my core values.
— Roxanne, Course Participant




I haven't experienced a leak in a long time! I feel more calm and grounded. I have a plan to become the person I know I can become. I know I've already changed a lot (and a lot of things in my life) since we started working together.
— Lynn, Course Participant


The morning meditation. This 10 minute exercise has changed my vibe and made me more conscious of the importance of keeping calm throughout the day. The breathing cue. I have a better understanding about the way my body and breath have to work together to carry me trough my day.

-Iza, Course Participant 




Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

No more sidelining yourself because of pain or injuries. Take the first step on your journey towards complete, holistic healing. Embrace the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Embracing Feminine Energy and Pelvic Health is an online program designed to help women embrace and connect with their divine feminine energy and heal any physical or emotional issues related to their pelvic health. This program is ideal for women who are seeking a holistic approach to healing, and who want to feel empowered and connected to their bodies.

We are here to show you that Being a MOTHER does NOT mean:


  • wetting yourself while working out, laughing,

sneezing, or having a good time!

  • sexual disconnection due to painful sex

  • feeling held back by the prolapse of organs

like the uterus, bladder, etc.

  • feeling like there is no time for YOU in your life!


The online platform will give you lifetime access to


  • guided yoga practices

  • guided meditations

  • breathwork exercises

  • educational videos on nutrition, lifestyle, the nervous system, energy, and much more!

  • guided pelvic and full body exercises

Your guides:

Jagisha Sekhri

Registered Physiotherapist

Specialized in Pelvic Health


Massage therapist (RMT),

Energy Healer and Yoga Life Coach specialized in Somatic Emotional Release

Our Story

Two weeks after Lalita gave birth, she met Jagisha who confirmed she
had a vaginal and rectal prolapse. By her side, Lalita’s body began to heal. Lalita also struggled with the ups and downs of motherhood. On the harder days, she felt frustrated to be held
back by her body, not yet able to use physical activity to clear her heart and mind. She chose to lean more deeply into her own professional skills of emotional wellness to support herself.
One day, while applying some of her tools, Lalita experienced, in a single
instant, her prolapse spontaneously and completely heal (she literally felt that the pressure was gone)!

This is when they both realized the direct interconnection between our
internal emotional/mental state and the state of our pelvic floor. This is
why so many women plateau in their post-birth healing. The emotional/life demands of being a mother today have not directly been part of the  healing journey. Until now!

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to prioritize your pelvic health and well-being.

Connect with us to book a 15 mins discovery call :



If you are seeking for a holistic approach to

living life where you will feel empowered, connected to your body, mind

and soul, contact us now to register!


You will finally heal your pelvic floor by going right to it's physical and emotional root causes.


You'll discover this is also the path the to physical, mental & emotional freedom!


You will learn how to create time to

nurture and care for yourself regularly!


You will establish a new foundation for hormonal and nutritional balance!


You will be able to move & play with a

strong body! Hiking, skiing, even trampolines with your kids!!!

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to prioritize your pelvic health and well-being.

Connect with us to book a 15 mins discovery call :



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