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How Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Can Help You Commit to a Beneficial Exercise Routine


As a pelvic floor physiotherapist, I understand the unique challenges women face when it comes to addressing pelvic health and committing to an effective exercise routine. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into how a comprehensive, holistic approach to pelvic health can help you establish and maintain an exercise routine that not only supports your pelvic floor but also enhances your overall well-being.

Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis:

  • A thorough evaluation of your pelvic floor function, posture, muscle strength, and overall health is essential to creating a tailored exercise program. As a pelvic floor physiotherapist, I will work with you to identify any underlying issues and develop a plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Multifaceted Treatment Approach:

  • Effective treatment for pelvic health issues goes beyond just performing kegel exercises. I will help you explore various aspects of your well-being, including pressure systems, muscle group activations, breathing techniques, relaxation strategies, and appropriate exercise intensity and frequency.

Guidance on Lifestyle Factors:

  • Your overall lifestyle plays a significant role in your pelvic health. As your pelvic floor physiotherapist, I will provide guidance on factors such as stress management, sleep habits, and nutrition to ensure that you're supporting your pelvic health both in and outside of the exercise setting.

Customized Exercise Programs:

  • One size does not fit all when it comes to exercise routines. I will work with you to create a personalized program that suits your preferences, abilities, and goals, ensuring that you can confidently and consistently commit to your exercise routine.You will be encouraged to set specific and quantifiable weekly goals (e.g., increasing 1,000 steps a week), which should be realistic and moderately challenging. The achievement of these goals is generally associated with a sense of accomplishment, which is reinforcing and enhances self-efficacy. Once you reach their activity goals using positive sentences (affirmations or cognitive credits) towards themselves (e.g., “I've been good”, “I'm doing great”, “I have the ability to enjoy an active lifestyle”). The regular use of cognitive credits may help you gain confidence to maintain an active lifestyle.

Ongoing Support and Education:

  • I believe that empowering you with knowledge and understanding is critical for long-term success. By providing ongoing education about pelvic health, as well as support and motivation throughout your journey, I will help you stay committed to your exercise routine and achieve lasting results. Compliance to exercise can be enhanced by increasing lifestyle activities (e.g., climbing stairs, gardening, and walking the dog), developing an appropriate home-based exercise program, and considering short bouts rather than long bouts of activity for busy women like you who “can't find the time to exercise”

Collaborative Approach:

Pelvic health is a complex field, and sometimes, it is necessary to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nutritionists, or mental health professionals. As your pelvic floor physiotherapist, I will work closely with your healthcare team to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive care possible.


Pelvic floor physiotherapy offers a comprehensive approach to addressing women's pelvic health concerns and fostering commitment to a beneficial exercise routine. By combining thorough assessments, multifaceted treatment plans, personalized exercise programs, and ongoing support, I can help you embrace a healthier lifestyle that benefits not only your pelvic floor but your overall well-being. Reach out today to begin your journey toward improved pelvic health and a happier, more balanced life.

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