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“Everybody was telling me there is nothing wrong, but this is taking the joy out of my life”

Jens’s lower back was not her strength. This summer, it will be 10 years since she first went to see her doc about discomfort in lower back and in her pelvic area. When the pain pendulum swung to the middle, she enthusiastically made plans to hike with family, go out for a run and just take it easy, but it wasn’t long before the pain swung again to discomfort. Jen had to make new choices. Jen didn’t like it, and - for different reasons - her family didn’t like it either. She became the party p**per (that she never was) but of course her health came first. How can anyone go out for a hike when their pelvis hurts ? How does one socialize when suddenly their back starts to feel like smashed eggs ? What was causing it ? Long hours at her home office ? Bad posture ? Or something else... Research shows that one out of 3 women will deal with pelvic floor dysfunction in their life. “Pelvic what ?” said Jen when I shared this stat with her. Pelvic floor dysfunction can take shape in many ways in a woman’s life… lower back pain that comes and goes, general weakness in pelvic area, urgency to get to the bathroom and light leaks especially when they cough or sneeze. Not fun... By the way, pelvic floor dysfunction is not new. A quick web search will show a ton of resources, and most of them point to a self-care routine involving Kegels (or its bell and whistles versions). I also recommended Kegels to help my patients/clients with these challenges. And while it worked great for some people, it didn’t work for many. A lot of my clients just wouldn’t improve. Or, they’d make some progress, but then reach a point where they wouldn’t get any better. It made little sense. I wanted to find out why. I was determined to get results for even my toughest cases. It was starting to feel like I didn’t have a reliable way to help women with these pelvic floor issues get the kind of outcome they deserved. That’s when I realized the problem. Even though I was well-trained, something was missing here. I felt determined to help ALL of my clients win. But the reality was that they were NOT all winning. I wanted to help these women socialize without their backs hurting, without pee accidents, not shying away from opportunities that need travel, and become an inspiration to their friends and family. If that had to happen, I had to do things differently. Something needed to change. I knew the answer was to find out why some people seemed to stall out with their progress, while looking at what the successful responders had in common. It wasn’t easy. But I was committed to figuring it out. After a lot of training, research … and a serious amount of trial and error … I discovered why some women didn’t get great results, while others did. And with that, I pieced together a better way to help women with ongoing back pain, pelvic weakness, urgency, incontinence and prolapse issues get better without surgery or medications. Ever since, I’ve gotten much more consistent results for my clients/patients. Like Lynn, who went from wearing incontinence pads every hour of her day to now taking long hikes with none. And of course Jen who wanted to share “Thanks to you, I was able to run a half marathon without any pelvic pains or leaks. I could not have imagined getting to this point when I first discussed my situation with you.” With results like these, I knew I finally cracked the code. I now had 100% confidence that my clients could get better outcomes if they followed this new method. Over the many years of my work as a Physiotherapist in Canada, and as a Pelvic Health Coach, I’ve had the great opportunity to help hundreds of women build a lifestyle of their choice. Now my clients - including Jen - are excelling at opportunities life gives them. I can’t be more proud and happy. This week, I’m hosting a free online training in which I uncover what I did to help Jen. Join me here for free: Inside, I’ll share: The 3-step process my clients use to help relieve lower back pain, gain bladder control and manage urgency Why Kegels can cause more harm than benefit to some women... and what to do instead The reason the little leaks in many women often do not get better with time Ready to write a new life story ? I look forward to it - Jagisha PS. This is NOT for women who are unwilling to take control of their situation. And this is not for those who only want a “quick fix” or who are looking for an Easy button. This gets results, but it does take some effort. Take the first step here:

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