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Have you ever considered hiring a coach?

I recently had a friend ask me what it’s like to have a coach and what it’s like to be coached. Before I ever hired my first coach, I was against it. I felt like I was admitting that I needed help, or that I wasn’t able to figure things out on my own, or that I wasn’t smart enough to figure things out.

I wanted to do things on my own.

But then I realized, doing things on your own sucks! I love having someone to do everything with! To watch shows with, to go grocery shopping with, to go to the mall with, to go to parties with… why not have someone to solve the most pressing health problem that affects my life immensely?

What I learned from having a coach is that I can do things on my own, but it will take me twice as long to figure it out.

I realized that every great athlete in the world had a coach, and so do many businessmen and businesswomen. (Have you seen the show Billions? The billionaire on that show has a coach!)

So when my friend asked me about what Coaching meant to me, I shared with her my experience being coached and one from being a coach. A coach:

  • Has an established process for getting people results

  • Shows up to work on SOLUTIONS for your problems

  • Helps cut the time for you to achieve your goal in half

  • Creates a non-judgmental space without distractions to work with you and focuses on you 100%

  • Sees your blind spots objectively and can have you shift them forever

  • Has a library of techniques to help you overcome anxiety, stress, doubt, failure, and overwhelm

  • A good coach knows how to motivate you to do things you thought were impossible and keeps you accountable to take massive action.

  • And ultimately, they help you transform your life.

That, my friend, is what it’s like to have a coach! Think about that and let it resonate for a while.

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