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Is your low back pain related to you pelvic floor?

There are some very obvious symptoms of Pelvic floor dysfunctions like leaks, urgency, pain with intimacy, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain.

But, Pelvic floor is your foundation, so a dysfunctional pelvic floor can also led to chronic back pain, hip pain, diastasis recti (unhealed abdominal wall), neck, shoulder and jaw pain, constipation and other bowel problems (less obvious symptoms)

Lets take an analogy of a house. A problem in the foundation of the house can result in a drafty window ( less obvious, less intense symptoms).

Its important to find the REASON behind the drafty window, instead of repairing and painting that window. Also, its important to address the drafty window, before it becomes a major renovation project.

So, its important to know, even if there are "NO" or "VERY MILD" obvious symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (leaks, prolapse), your hip pain, back pain, neck pain etc. could also be a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. Every movement you do requires ALL of you. Everything is CONNECTED!

Its a common mistake to NOT include Pelvic floor rehab in treating low back, hip, neck, jaw and shoulder pain.

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