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It reminded me of something I saw live on TV almost 2 decades ago...

The Academy Awards (Oscars) were a couple of weeks ago. It reminded me of something I saw live on TV almost 2 decades ago.. The year is 2002 and the young Rose from Titanic is looking just like a rose in her beautiful red gown at the Oscars red carpet. Her oldest daughter - Mia - is only two years old and here is Kate Winslet on the red carpet hours away from winning another academy award. Kate is excited and giving interviews to a lot of people - One guy asks “How is the comfort level” and Kate shocks him by saying “I wouldn’t like to pee at this moment !!” That was 2002 and then in 2020, she was on the Graham Norton show in the UK and shared about her ordeal with incontinence “It’s amazing, two sneezes, I’m fine. Three, it’s game over… I can’t jump on trampolines anymore” You see what happened there ? How long Kate has had to keep enduring this nuisance ? Some women think it’s their “fate”. Something that just happens after having kids. “When you’ve had a few children you know, it’s just what happens” says Kate on the show. That’s only partly correct. With the right kind of help, it should not have happened and even if it has, it is no fait accompli. As you can see, no one is insulated from this “leaks are normal” lie that’s been perpetuated by some companies. There are businesses that want you to get into pee pads, grin and bear that for years and then one day get surgery for your leaky bladder. If you have been following my page, you know how I feel about that and how easy I have made it for women to avoid this trap. I am glad Kate spoke up. Now, it’s your turn. Talk to me about what’s going on with your bladder and we will get you back to being the mom you are meant to be. You can book your FREE consult with me here: Let me reiterate… incontinence is common, but not normal. Take a moment to tune out all the advertising and the psyops from big brands. Educate yourself through this page or better still, book a call with me to lay out a plan to escape this life trap. Ready, super mum ? P.S. Link to Kate's interview in People's magazine: Kate's interview at the Oscars in 2002

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