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Mind-Body Stratergies for adressing pelvic floor issues

Mind-Body Stratergies for adressing pelvic floor issues:

When pelvis is in pain/ dysfunction, even basic self care functions are impacted like squating, sitting, standing, walking, toiliting, sexual activity, birthing, postpartum and fitness. The goals of all pelvic floor treatments is to get to the root cause of the symptoms and to address them with various modalities. It is a multi-systems approach: physical health, emotional health and energetics needs to be addressed. Coaching and community plays an important role in each of these systems treatment because its been researched that ONLY 11 percent never or rarely eat the foods that THEY KNOW cause them pain.

There is a big role of coaching and I can coach you to address these multi-systems

and improve your pelvic health. My name is Jagisha Sekhri and I am a Pelvic fllor Physiotherapist and Pelvic Health Coach.

I do in-person Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy treatments and have a more extensive Online Program.

Join my Online Program- Pelvic Healing: Embracing Divine Mother Body and Energy. It will enable you to bridge the gap between giving birth to safe return to function and fitness. In this course you will learn my secret tools to work on physical, emotional and hormonal influences on pelvic health, so there is no stone unturned to get most balanced Pelvic floor!

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