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new mothers:your body is direct reflection of your internal emotional state!

You are keeping yourself caged up in your postpartum body without even knowing it!

Are you having struggles with your body, since pregnancy or giving birth, that you just can’t seem to resolve? Do you find yourself holding back any time you try to have a good time or get too active because you know you’re going to pee your pants or make your prolapse worst? How about not feeling fulfilled in your sexual life anymore because sex just hurts now?

If you’re like most women, you believe this is normal and have accepted this as part of your new reality as a mother.

Now did you know that your body is a direct reflection of your internal emotional state?

Think about it for a moment… Has becoming a mother been the biggest emotional roller coaster of your life? I bet it has!

If your experience is anything like mine, taking care of children, your family and your home and then adding a return to work to all of that, you most likely feel exhausted and overwhelmed. This is what your postpartum body is showing you!!! You are not at peace in your heart and mind because you have not found a way to BALANCE all the new parts of your life!

If you’re doing self-care, you’re probably doing it in a way that COMPENSATES for how you feel on the inside: going from an empty battery, using self-care to feel okay again, and always slipping back to an empty battery. Most women with the intention of taking care of themselves are caught in this CYCLE!

What if self-care could FILL YOUR CUP? I mean make your cup OVERFLOW!!! Imagine being a mother and LOVING YOUR DAY TO DAY, feeling calm and peaceful while you still get to all the things you have to do.

This is what becomes possible when you focus on your inner peace and healing your body at the same time!

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