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"solving my bladder control issues is my priority"

Just take a second, be honest with yourself, how many times have you stepped up and said," solving my bladder control issues is my priority" ? I believe: many times.... I know you are a doer, but why are you still looking for a solution?

I was told to do many kegels a day, to give it time, to reduce impact and activity, and I have spent so many years trying to figure out why that is not working for me. It's very important to have a model of care that transforms and educates you why you are doing, and what you are doing for pelvic health. It needs individualized attention and work to understand it and it needs consistency to get the results. I feel if you understand it well, you will be able to put consistency into it.

If you connect with this approach of education, transformation, and consistency.... My programs run on these principles. You will understand the new paradigm in pelvic health using balanced breath, alignment and muscle activations that will help you understand and apply these principles to your life for better bladder control, consistently. Also, they are designed to help you stay consistent on this track of recovery and get the wins you deser

In health

~Jagisha Sekhri

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