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The secret is not strength.

Is your pelvic floor weak, or is it uncoordinated? Uncoordinated? Let me explain what that is… The core four – abdominal wall, pelvic floor, diaphragm and back muscles - are supposed to work in synch. The core four is the system that gives you a deep level of stability. Unfortunately, it’s common for the pelvic floor to fall out of this co-ordinated role in the core four. With one leg of your deep stability system broken, there are bound to be problems. 1 out of every 4 women in the US suffer from the results of it.

But why does the pelvic floor suffer this fate ? There can be many reasons: • You are gripping your abs. • Your body alignment is bad and the pelvic floor has to work hard to keep you steady • Anxiety can impact breathing and that impacts the pelvic floor • A habit of gripping the pelvic floor.

None of the above are normal things. A strategic rehab can help relieve these factors and reduce the demand on the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor becomes more available and for maintaining your continence and urgency.

I have said this before… Pelvic floor rehab should not be restricted to Pelvic floor strengthening, rather it needs to focus on getting the core four more coordinated!

What happens if you don’t do anything? If you let it play out and pop pills or wear pads and keep getting by ? As I said before, if the deep stability is missing, then the rest of the postural relationships have to compensate. i.e. if one part of the system is not taking the load it is meant to, other have to step in. These compensations – over time – will result in pain and stiffness during movements in these overworked muscles.

You will pull back or tone down on activities where this pelvic muscle or related muscle issue are a barrier, and that will alter your lifestyle. Not worth it, right ?

In conclusion, Pelvic floor rehab should consist of making the Pelvic floor available and coordinated and then reconnecting it with rest of the postural system. Every movement in your day or exercise in your exercise program can be a CORE FOUR activity or exercise. Running, walking, yoga, CrossFit will all be possible and easy when your pelvic floor is relaxed and on your side.

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