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Virtual physio treatment session: Your guide.

Virtual physiotherapy sessions: how, why, what do I need to do? So many questions, I can answer them to make it easier for you :-)

Virtual sessions have their limitation and are not suited for all cases. They are useful, however, in ensuring continuous progress and improving function.

I advise virtual appointments in case of:  

  • Acute musculoskeletal injuries like an ankle sprain, back pain or pelvic pain with or without radiation

  • Sports-related injuries e.g. from running or biking

  • Lifestyle-related discomforts like pain with lifting, standing, walking, cleaning or gardening ( soon we will be able to clean our gardens) 

  • Work-related discomforts associated with your not-so ergonomic space at home

  • Pelvic floor dysfunctions like pain and incontinence in women

Over an interactive video session, I should be able to:

  • Assess any new pain or discomfort with complete history, range of motion, strength and functional assessment.

  • Educate you about the condition and treatment.

  • Assess posture and movement to suggest some stretches, strength and self-release techniques.  

  • Plan exercise progression of your already existing exercise program.

  • Correct form for already prescribed exercises with the help of verbal cues.

I am available for a virtual treatment session, please visit the LifeTherapies website to book and select e-consult with me (Jagisha).   Note: You need a device with an internet connection. The device can be a tablet/ iPad, computer with a webcam or a smartphone.

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