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warm up with purpose: skiing

Are you like me? I am learning how to ski with my 5 years old, who excel at it in the second class , don't want to be on a bunny hill anymore and you have to push your physical abilities to match up their energy and ability (increase in demand )

Or, since your pregnancy and birth of your children, you have had pelvic health issues

(sneeze pee, occasional back pain, some consistent tightness in your hips, pain with intimacy), and you have always considered it too mild to address them, and now the demand increases because you are on a ski hill with family for a fun family day.

Or, you have noticed that recently your pelvic floor symptoms are getting worse, and at home during your day to day you have found a way around it (peeing every 30 mins, wearing pads all day long, avoiding going to your favourite boot camp or a yoga class) but now you are at the ski hill with your friends to have a ski holiday (increase in demand)

All these situations can result in an experience that is not pleasant or it can result in muscle strains or injuries because your pelvic floor is the foundation of your body. If your pelvic floor is off balance, everything above it: your ribs, shoulders, neck and below it: your hips, knees and feet can be off balanced. Your system is not coordinated, does not have a team work and not ready for this demand.

A good warm up and strength training with these movements can significantly reduce the chances of injury and get your body ready for activities like skiing (warm up with purpose)

Start today, even if you will be on skis on sunday :-)

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