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Why Haven’t Women With Incontinence, Prolapse or Urgency Been Told These Facts ?

Many women believe that incontinence, prolapse or urgency are all caused by some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction. That’s true… but there is more to it.

Pelvic floor is responsible, but it is just a piece of a puzzle. It is an important piece, but not the only one.

After working with clients for more than a decade, I’ve uncovered the root cause of why most women leak when they laugh, sneeze, bend or work out. And more importantly, I’ve discovered a straight-forward and non-invasive approach to help them live a confident lifestyle without any leaks or any other pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Although people now wait months to work with me, I’ll share the 30,000-foot view here along with 3 important things women need to know:

First, a “tight” pelvic floor is not the same as a functional pelvic floor. A tight pelvic floor is not a strong foundation for the body. It’s much like the stiff branches of a tree in the wind. If the branches are not flexible, they will snap. A tight pelvic floor can lead to compensations and over-working of adjoining muscle groups. These compensations (by the adjoining muscle groups), need to be addressed. If not, then the pelvic floor will not let go.

Second, incontinence is more than just about the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor is really like a hammock that needs to hang just right with the support and suitable distancing of the trees around it. If the trees are too close, the hammock will slack- not fun. So as much as it is important that the pelvic floor is strong, the alignment of pelvis, hips, feet, thorax etc. is also important to treat pelvic floor issues.

Third, incontinence is not a life sentence, but it does not get better with time (or with popping pills). Research even shows that surgeries generally fail to fix the problem.

Thankfully, a focused full-body approach has shown great results in helping manage incontinence, prolapse and urgency, without medication or surgery.


If this sounds helpful, I’ll share the full scoop on how my clients are getting rid of incontinence and building a lifestyle without accidents and frustration, in this free online training:

In my brief presentation, I’ll share:

The 3-step process my clients use to gain bladder control and manage urgency

  • Why Kegels causes more harm than benefit to some women... and what to do instead

  • The benefits of taking a full-body approach for leaks or prolapse

  • The reason the little leaks in many women do not get better with time

Space is limited, so join me today for this FREE online presentation.

I look forward to it

- Jagisha

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