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Myofascial Core: Its role in restoring continence in new mothers

Can you relate?

Since you have had your baby, when you go out for  a run or head out to your boot camp or any other fitness class, ready to shed those extra pounds, within few minutes you feel that your bladder is leaking​​

​​Several trips to the bathroom in anticipation or fear of a leak and that leak still happens. It can happen when you run, do jumping jacks, double-unders. Do you worry about the intimacy with your partner because of your fear of leak?​​I bet you are feeling a little off balance and might be discovering new pains or discomforts every few days. The only advice you got was Kegels.... and that has not changed anything or maybe you are not able to do them. ​​


Are you still shopping in the incontinence section of the drug store? Absorbent pad is your weapon to fight incontinence during fitness or for a social outing​​.

Talked to your doctor about it, only suggestions you get are "learn to live with it" or take medication which will have side effects or stop your fitness activity​​

Let me tell you something...​​

There is something that is not being addressed to restore the stability of your body after pregnancy, your Myofascial core. Tom Myers has done some fascinating work in recognizing the myofascial connections/ lines in the body and the myofascial line that I feel is most important to address after having a baby is the Deep Frontal line ( The Myofascial core), before you go out for a run, boot camp, home exercises for abdominal wall or Yoga class.

The pelvic floor is a part of this Deep Myofascial core.

The Myofascial core has a role in pelvic and hip stabilization, core activation, breathing, stabilization if the neck, head, and feet, basically connecting you from head to toe. Pregnancy results in various adaptations to create room for the baby, and after the baby is born these postural adaptations are still present. This posture prevents the teamwork as the muscles around this fascial line are not engaged well. The key is to aligning the areas along this myofascial deep line to enhance the new mother's reconnection with her Pelvic floor.

We cannot just rely on a local, isolated muscle activation ( Kegels), pelvic floor reconnection needs more!

This inside-out approach is important to restore the ability of your body to get back to the choice of your fitness. Also, It helps heal the abdominal wall, helps heals diastasis recti, and restore continence and balance.

If you want to learn more about this, like my Facebook page, If you are postpartum women looking for solutions to get back to fitness symptom-free, I am available for virtual appointments and in-clinic appointments.

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