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PELVIC FLOOR CARE while pregnant and after giving birth is the FOUNDATION for you

PELVIC FLOOR CARE while pregnant and after giving birth is the FOUNDATION for you to continue living and moving the way you want to!

You are healthy, enjoy an active lifestyle and want to be the same during pregnancy, soon after giving birth and also years after? Our new online group coaching program is the catalyst to you bouncing back into the activities that give you joy! We know are you self-motivated, so are we! But, from experience, we also know that sometimes it’s not quite enough, because being a mother can be overwhelming. We are the extra little nudge you are look for! We will give you the tools, the how to be a mother who takes care of herself! It’s been a tricky adjustment but you are right to continue to believe it’s a POSSIBLE, even if you haven’t figured out how to make it happen yet! I have seen it so many times, motivated women who have to reduce the intensity of their workouts and eventually stop their because they have leaks, urgency or pelvic pain. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but you are not free to explore your passions fully either! Your love for movement is like an old souvenir that just seems to be fading further and further away.I know it is challenging to have a new baby at home and also try to figure it out all by yourself. And, it is very easy to let it go, let it be, it's easy to think that these issues will get better with time. You just haven’t had the ‘time or energy’ to get back to what makes you feel good. You convince yourself everything seems "not too bad" so far.... My advice for you: please don't ignore these flags and imagine they will magically disappear. And, most importantly, don't put the responsibility on your "future self" to figure this out either! The way you are adjusting now to being a mother will slowly creep into the new habits of your life. Unless you set your day in a new way, things will be more of the same over time.

If you are ready to make yourself a priority, inspire your kids by living YOUR BEST life, and need help getting started, this help is available to you!

And you can start now, even with a new baby. DM me and I will send you details about our program.

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