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Run. It can't hurt.

We are living in challenging yet interesting times. No gyms, no socializing and too much TV.

Ottawawans are lucky to still have the option to run in the city. Running is an exercise that requires no special equipment and only depends on your body's ability, efficiency, and readiness.

If you are new to running or want to get back to running, it is important to develop (or redevelop) your ability to run. If you have not tried running for months or years, perhaps now is the time to go back to it. In addition to the social distancing, you will need a strengthening plan that helps prevents injuries and will help improve your performance.

So, lace up your runners and get ready!

Learn to run or Return-to-run exercise plan:

If you have any pre-existing knee, hip, lower back discomforts, the exercise plan can be modulated according to your needs. Also, if any exercise brings in any discomfort, it is important to treat it before you start to run. After there 4 weeks, there can be a slow transition into a run and walk combination. Breathing is also an integral part of running, so it is important to address it, if necessary.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, I am available at:

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