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"Yes ! One more day of isolation !"...

...said no one ever

Like you, I am trying to put a structure around my day as much as possible. There are many activities in there but unfortunately no element of hustling for work, no gym, no cafe meeting, no dinners with friends... you know, the things that made up our day. No one knew (or still knows) how long this situation will continue. But I have been thinking about you - my clients. I want you to lean in on this and consider my suggestions on how to manage your health goals, strength, and mobility in this unprecedented situation. I know there is a lack of activity; you are unable to go for a swim, the gym, and there is low motivation to go for any particular kind of action. This situation is mainly because your day is a lot less structured. I will share with you today some alternative movements that will get you active, and I am confident will also hell you better structure your day. Your activity in the day is so meaningful for me because the physical activity has so many mobility benefits and also mindset benefits. Let us think about not just your knee or hip or back or neck.... let's think about the entire YOU. Here are some resources that can help you go through the "Stay home, stay safe" advice that we all are following:


As I mentioned, physical movement has so many benefits, including mindset

I know you can't see your favorite (!) Physiotherapist, physical trainer, visit a Yoga studio or get to your gym or swimming pool. So, I recommend other activities like walking, jogging, running, biking, home-based total body exercise program, or a Yoga plan. The common barrier here is to know if that plan/program you pick is right for you. I can help you here. We can chat, and I can help you choose the activity and strategy that will work best for your body. We - you and I - know how your body moves, and together we can conclude on the best fit. I encourage using a fitness tracker like Fit Bit or a smartwatch to track your activity.

Eating habits:

This is a very personal yet very affected aspect of your life right now.

There is a low physical activity but easy access to food. We all have more time to cook a more elaborate meal and enjoy that at home. I suggest keeping a check on that. I am not am expert here, but you should closely monitor what you are eating, how often, and how much. There are apps like Eat this much,Noom, Pedal Brain to keep that track for you.

Mindset techniques:

This aspect is super important to address if you want to do anything that I have shared so far. Mental health is affected because, for all of us, it is such a different day, a different way to work, a new space-sharing arrangement with the children (or pets), and generally lower social engagement.

People manage and support their mindset through many means. Some love to exercise; some people like to meditate, some feel Yoga helps them, etc.. Here are few suggestions: apps like Headspace for 10 min meditation every day, virtual Yoga class, virtual total body workout class, listening to music you love, FaceTime friends (virtual beer/coffee meeting), FaceTime family, creative work like painting, creating a master plan for your home, even if you have children at home, find your 45 mins)


It's such a great way to get immersed in something meaningful for you. Read a book, or if you are like me, hear an audiobook or a podcast. Then, there are apps like BlinkList that give book summaries. Set a target.

Keeping children occupied:

I am sure parents are already very creative with this, so the least advice on this topic.

Apps like: Khan Academy for kids are fabulous, but off-screen activities like scavenger hunts in the back yard, puzzles, dancing, virtual music class, reading are few things that feel very useful to me.

Managing pain and discomfort:

I am virtually available to help you with this aspect.

You don't have to struggle with pain, and - having done several e-consults now - I am sure I can help you. The patients I treated in the last couple of weeks included ones who had a setback. They all felt helped by our session.

In case you are wondering what to expect in an e-consult with me, check this link:

If you liked this post, consider sharing with anyone who could use this advice. I am available and keen to help as best as I can. Let's stay connected. Thanks !

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